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data breach

First 72 hours in a data breach! By whom and by what ways should the process be conducted?

We are thrilled to announce our active participation in Enterprise GC Turkey 2023, a pivotal event in the legal landscape organized by @Legal500. This event stands as one of the most significant legal gatherings of the year, promising insightful discussions and invaluable networking opportunities. Our Managing Partner, @ÖzlemKurt, will be moderating a compelling panel discussion…
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“Green Charge” Regulations from Energy Market Regulatory Authority in Turkey

Promoting renewable energy production is crucial for a sustainable future. The YEK-G Certificate is a document that proves the electricity purchased by companies is generated from renewable sources and ensuring transparency through the monitoring and documentation of the entire process from production to consumption. This fosters a sense of environmental responsibility among companies towards both…
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The “Adequacy Decision” Regarding the Free Transfer of Data Between EU and USA was Accepted by The European Commission

As known, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) stipulates that the transfer of data to third countries can only take place if the European Data Protection Board accepts that such countries ensure sufficient data security through their domestic legislation or international treaties to which they are parties.


The Growing Problem in Remote and Hybrid Work: Overtime!

The comprehensive regulation specific to this working model is the Remote WorkingRegulation, which came into force after the pandemic and includes the needs in practice. The importance of employment contracts which should be containing provisionsgoverning overtime working conditions, and legal assessment requirements, especially in terms of managing dispute processes related to overtime has increased. It…
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electricity storage

New Legal Arrangements in Electricity Storage

Legal arrangements were made that are expected to serve the purpose of increasing the storage possibilities in the electricity market. For this purpose, important changes in the Electricity Market Law (“Law”) numbered 6446 and some other secondary legislation entered into force on 19 November 2022 in Turkey.

data protection
natrıal gas tariff

What Does the Graded Natural Gas Sales Tariff Change?

With Article 10 of the Law Number 7351, published in the Official Gazette dated January 22, 2022 and numbered 31727, the clause “Provided that the opinion of the Ministry is taken, BOTAS may apply a gradual natural gas sales price on a provincial or regional basis, taking into account regional and climatic conditions” has been…
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Legal Developments in Electric Vehicle Charging Services Market

The market share of electrically powered vehicles increased from 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent in 2021 compared to 2020 based on the information revealed by Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) in Turkey. According to the announced plans of many brands, this number is expected to increase exponentially in 2022. Although the chip crisis delays the market…
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The Lawyer

Kurt and Partners is selected as a Finalist by The Lawyer

Kurt & Partners is proud to announce to be recognized as finalist of Law Firm of The Year in South Eastern Europe category by The Lawyer which is known as the Oscars of the legal world. The Lawyer European Awards is recognized as the standard of excellence in the European legal sector. South Eastern Europe…
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