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natrıal gas tariff

What Does the Graded Natural Gas Sales Tariff Change?

With Article 10 of the Law Number 7351, published in the Official Gazette dated January 22, 2022 and numbered 31727, the clause “Provided that the opinion of the Ministry is taken, BOTAS may apply a gradual natural gas sales price on a provincial or regional basis, taking into account regional and climatic conditions” has been…
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Legal Developments in Electric Vehicle Charging Services Market

The market share of electrically powered vehicles increased from 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent in 2021 compared to 2020 based on the information revealed by Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) in Turkey. According to the announced plans of many brands, this number is expected to increase exponentially in 2022. Although the chip crisis delays the market…
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The Lawyer

Kurt and Partners is selected as a Finalist by The Lawyer

Kurt & Partners is proud to announce to be recognized as finalist of Law Firm of The Year in South Eastern Europe category by The Lawyer which is known as the Oscars of the legal world. The Lawyer European Awards is recognized as the standard of excellence in the European legal sector. South Eastern Europe…
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verbis and obligation

Foreign Data Controller Representative Must Be Appointed!

The Data Protection Law in Turkey numbered 6698 The Law on Personal Data Protection No. 6698 (“DP Law”) sets out obligations, principles and procedures that will be binding on natural or legal persons who process personal data.  Natural and legal persons residing outside of Turkey must be compatible with the DP Law in terms of…
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General Assembly and Board Meetings of Associations can be Held Electronically

With the regulation on the “Regulation Amending the Regulation of Associations” published in the Official Gazette dated 21/10/2021 and numbered 31635, Associations will now be able to hold their general assembly and board of directors’ meetings electronically. During the pandemic period, the general assemblies of the associations, which had to be held physically, could not…
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Minority Shareholders’ Right to Postpone Discussion of Financial Statements

The right to postpone discussion of financial statements is a minority shareholders’ right which is regulated under article 420 of the Turkish Commercial Code and is a positive right and can be exercised in general assembly meeting. Accordingly, at the request of shareholders holding one-tenth of the capital in non-public companies or one-twentieth in the…
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New ” Ce ” Marking Regulation Entered into Force

CE Marking Regulation ( “Regulation” ) entered into force on the date it was published in the Official Gazette dated 27 May 2021 ; In this article, we will talk about the innovations and changes brought by the regulation. What is CE Mark? What is its shape? First of all, the CE (“Conformité Européenne”) Mark is a health and safety mark created by the European Union in order to ensure…
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The Legal Compliance Criteria of the Employer’s Employees Monitoring

I.INTRODUCTION It can be carried out by auditing the internet usages and e-mails of employees who are becoming more and more common in working life , to monitor their audio and video images through different tools in the workplace,   tapping workplace phones and  recording  interviews, and to monitor and surveillance of  employees at the workplace…
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Periods of Termination Restriction of Employer and Unpaid Leave Have Been Extended

With the Law No. 7244 on Reducing the Effects of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on Economic and Social Life, the temporary article 10 was added to the Labor Law numbered 4857 and the prohibition of termination of employment contract by the employer and unpaid leave without the written consent of the employee from 17.04.2020…
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